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We are an advanced team of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and other medical care staff focused on restoring your quality of life.   We use advanced treatment and procedures to save many limbs from amputation.   We focus on wound care, wound management, and wound healing procedures for healing to restore your limbs back to health.  


We have saved many limbs that others thought impossible.

 Texas MD Dr. Thomas Article saving limbs


Read a key article by Dr. Thomas as published in Texas MD Magazine.  

"Approximately 70 percent of all amputations in hospitals today are unnecessary" - Dr. Thomas





We strive to help patients save limbs, feet, toes, legs, hands, and restore wounds that others think impossible.  Focused on medical and treatment advances in wound care, we provide wound management service in Houston Texas with the best nurse and medical treatments available for wound care.  Our success rate in helping patients avoid amputation has allowed them to carry on successful lifes and not become an amputee.  To save and heal feet, legs, and limbs, we offer a full medical approach to solving the core issues impeding health and tissue growth.  Let us look at your ugly wound, let us help heal your ugly wound and restore your health with our successful treatments of wound care.  As a medical practice focused on wound care and wound healing treatments, to lead the industry in medical treatment and approaches to save limbs, avoid amputation, and restore health.  Located in Houston Texas, our wound care and wound management produces outstanding wound healing results for patients.  We practice out of Houston Texas area hospitals and facilities.


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